Friday, March 30, 2007

Vermont Public Radio's Mark Vogelzang Responds

The general manager of Vermont Public Radio writes a "letter to the editor" which appeared in the March 30 edition of the Burlington Free Press.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great News!!! No Sale to be Considered!!!

In a campus email today, Dr. vanderHeyden has recommended to the Board of Trustees that the college should not sell WWPV and retain this valuable asset for the students and community.

Thank you to everyone for your support, kind words and thoughts.

If you are inclined, please send an acknowledgement and a "Thank you" to Dr. vanderHeyden regarding his recommendation.

Best Regards,

John Connors

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great Responses on Op-Ed page of Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press ran several letters to the editor in today's edition. (read letters) Keep those letters going. Please continue to send letters to the Burlington Free Press and other local papers as well, such as the Colchester Sun, Essex Reporter and Seven Days.

Mail letters to:

Burlington Free Press
P.O. Box 10
Burlington, VT, 05402

The Colchester Sun
462 Hegeman Ave, Suite 105
Colchester, VT 05452

The Essex Reporter
462 Hegeman Ave, Suite 105
Colchester, VT 05452

PO Box 1164
Burlington, VT 05402-1164

Note: There is also an on-line forms and an email addresses to submit your opinions to the Free Press , Reporter, Seven Days and Sun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help Us Keep WWPV 88.7 FM on the air!!!

Scary News... The college is considering selling WWPV to Vermont Public Radio in support their All-Classical music format. Please read the Saint Michael's College student on-line publication, The Echo and Burlington Free Press's article on-line for more details.

In short, Vermont Public Radio (VPR) wants to purchase the 88.7 FM license in order to broadcast their All-Classical music format channel in our area. While it is true that WWPV's could continue to broadcast via the internet, but we know that is not radio broadcasting and the capability to reach a large audience effectively is severely curtailed. Essentially, if the college sells the license, WWPV as a college radio station with diverse musical and community programming will cease to exist. One simple reason...unless you have access to the Internet, you cannot receive internet radio. Can you say "Digital Divide"? The ability to reach out to tens of thousands of potential listeners by just having an inexpensive radio receiver with no access charges, no monthly fees and no subscriptions. There is a reason that radio broadcasting is still a potent and viable media, the ability to reach thousands upon thousands of people inexpensively with high quality audio inexpensively and reliably. Try listening to WWPV's webstream in your car, out in the quad, or even in your basement while doing chores.

Listeners in the Burlington can listen to VPR's webstream of their All-Classical music channel or listen to the locally owned and operated WCVT 101.7 FM. In the interests of full disclosure, my family is a regular supporter of Vermont Public Radio and will continue whatever the outcome. While more classical music broadcasts would be welcome but it would be saddening to lose the unique voices and perspectives of "The Mike" as part of the price of selling WWPV to Vermont Public Radio. Another opportunity for the students and local community members to participate in the vibrant radio landscape would be lost, probably forever.

If you are incline, please send a note, make a phone, or mail a letter to Dr. Marc vanderHeyden telling him that you listen to WWPV on your radio and why you listen to WWPV. As per my tradition: Share your passion and zeal with Dr vanderHeyden politely, respectfully and with courtesy.


Dr. Marc vanderHeyden
Office of the President
Saint Michael’s College
One Winooski Park, Box 1
Colchester, Vermont 05439

Telephone :
Ph: 802-654-2211
Fax : 802-654-2701

Ref :

or email Dr. vanderHeyden directly and please feel free to edit generated note to reflect your personal experiences with WWPV.

Reference: Faculty/Staff Directory , Office of the President